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Recruiting for raid positions

Revvy@Rift, Mar 4, 11 12:15 AM.

Syntax is now accepting applications for raid slots. We are only accepting applications from players who are level 50 and who have high play times between 6-11pm EST. If you are interested, check out our recruitment forums for more information. You can also talk to one of our officers in game if you have any questions about the guild, but here is a quick rundown:

Q. Who is Syntax?
A. We are a group of highly experience veteran MMORPG players who just don't have the hardcore schedule available to us anymore. We raid with the schedule of a casual guild but strive to kill the same content as any hardcore guild. We'll just do it smarter, faster, and not quite as often ;)

Q. Why should I join?
A. Syntax is a fairly new group of people looking to find a place in the game. We don't have any major restrictions on recruitment as of today and we're all knowledgeable about the game as a whole. Joining now would mean a guaranteed raid slot, no probationary period, and bragging rights to say you where here from the start.

Q. How do raids work?
A. Syntax will be raiding 3 nights a week: Mon/Wed/Sat 6-11pm EST. If you can't make the majority of these raid times, please don't apply. We have an attendance requirement of 75%; if you fall below this % you will be demoted from raider status until you can bring it back up. We only raid 3 nights a week, so when we do meet up we expect you to be prepared and ready to get things done. Raids may end early or late depending on the content but we'll always shoot for 11pm as a stopping point.

Q. Loot?
A. Raid loot will be distributed based on an officer voting system. The officers will discuss any raid loot and distribute it based on your attendance, current gear, playtime, contributions, and other factors. We will spread it as evenly and fairly as possible. Generally we will post the item in raid chat and ask anyone interested to send the officer a tell. The officers will then meet quickly in vent and discuss those who are interested. After a vote, the officer will assign the item to the winner. Here is the loot order which is not up for discussion: Raiders->Members->Recruits->Alts. Also please note that we will be expecting you to gear up for your main role as a raider. We realize this game allows you to change roles on the fly but if we recruit you as a Tank, you should only be trying to win tank gear - leave the dps gear for those we will use it on raids.

Q. So if I want to join, what do I do now?
A. If you have any questions, let an officer now in game. If not, then just hit the Apply button at the top of the website. You'll fill out a simple questionnaire and an officer will get with you shortly. Once you are invited to the guild, you'll be a recruit for a few days until we get to know you and then promoted to member if we decide you're worth keeping. When you can tell us your main raid role and have at least some T1 gear we'll bump you up to raider status. Please note this will change once we fill out the roster a bit and we will probably have a 2 week recruitment period at that time. Now is the time to join to avoid that.

Q. Anything to do outside of raids?
A. We run expert dungeons and rifts every night. We also try to run simple raids when we can, sometimes with a few pugs since we aren't a full roster yet. We're always looking for people to start up groups and get things rolling so don't expect to be bored often... we get you moving ;)

Guild Formed!

Revvy@Rift, Mar 2, 11 11:39 AM.

Our guild is now officially formed on the Keenblade Server! We will be mainly working on recruiting active players, leveling our characters, and attempting to level the guild to increase our passive loot bonuses. If you're interested in joining us, please check out the recruitment forum for more information. When the core force of our guild reaches 50, we will begin running raids 3 nights a week from 7pm-11pm EST. Days will be adjusted based on what members need, our officers can raid almost any night but have jobs during the day.

Founding Members:
Revvy - Over 10 years of experience playing MMORPGS starting with EQ, EQ2, and briefly playing others. Hardcore raider through EQ/EQ2, main tank cleric/templar for the #1 guilds on Quellious/Guk respectively. Years of experience managing guilds and leading raids.

Djinn - He'll fill this in when he gets a chance. Mainly a past EQ2/WoW player.

Bahrd - 5 Years of MMORPG experiences, more in other genres. Casual raider through Vanguard and EQ2 playing as a healer/support class. Played as a Chanter in a hardcore pvp legion in Aion. Held officer positions and helped in raid formations and heal assignments.

Ventrilo Server Up!

Revvy@Rift, Mar 2, 11 11:28 AM.

We now have our Ventrilo Server up and running. Please check out the Member Discussion forum to see the necessary information to get started.
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